Beautiful Bicycle: Tom’s Focale 44 Street Machine Feb 7, 2012


Tom Boorman, like many BMXrs who eventually buy a single speed to get around on, has an interesting story that led him to purchase a 700c bicycle. He’s the owner of Hell on Wheels, the mecca for radness in Sydney and has been a figure in the local BMX scene for some time. While he and Dave Cragg were riding and filming at a neighborhood park, Tom took a spill. One that could have ended much worse.

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If you haven’t seen this video, you should watch it but be prepared for some gnar. The short of the story is, Tom slipped out on some leaves and smashed his face on a concrete lip, fracturing his skull. You can fast-forward to the end to see the wreck…


As he was healing from the accident, he couldn’t ride BMX so he bought this Focale 44 singlespeed and began to go on longer rides. He put getting rad on hold for a few months and began to enjoy riding fast and far, often using the cycling computer to track his progress. After replacing the stock fork with a Volume Fu Manchu, this street beast was ready to roll.


Soon, the tinkerer in Tom came out.




He polished his Deep V’s and built them up to BMX hubs, machining the freewheel cog and widening the track ends to proper 14mm.



Since he’s been a fan of Profile products, he replaced the stock cranks with chrome Profile racing cranks, a splined Profile sprocket and some SPD pedals. This bike became his rehab for a few months.









He still rides it constantly, even after he’s fully recovered from his accident and to this day, he’ll always wear his helmet. I can’t express how impressed I am with his story, this bike and his shop, Hell on Wheels. Don’t miss this shop if you visit Sydney!