Raidô Updates Jan 26, 2012


So far there’s been a handful of Raidô entrants. This one from Gunnar Dancer is spot-on. Honestly, I was expecting a lot more to come through by now. Remember, it doesn’t have to be super serious. And even though the prize is a track chainring, it’s not limited to just track bikes. You can post MTB, BMX, track, road or cross photos. Anything from a worn out sneaker bottom, to a flat tire, to a messy bike.

Pull out your iPhone, digital, 35mm or whatever camera and document your ride. You can even use older photos. Instagram is by far the easiest way to share. Simply add a #RAIDO hastag or follow the rules for Facebook. You can even email me your entries.

Raidô is about the ride and the journey and that is left open to interpretation.

We’re also including the option to take a silver 44RN ring, in lieu of the purple.