Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Posts of 2011 Jan 2, 2012

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Technically Top 10 posts are supposed to come before the New Year but I had so much content to sift through that it took a little while to compose this list. As with the previous Top 10 lists, these are compiled strictly through Facebook “likes” and Tweets, excluding the posts already covered (Beautiful Bicycles and Fixed Freestyle Videos). From jokes to heart-breaking news, 2011 provided some interesting events this year and I never would have guessed what made it to this Top 10 list!

Check out my Top 10 Posts of 2011 below!

Photo by Mikey Walley

10 – Wolfpack Hustle Shuts Down JetBlue

“Who would have thought?”, the world asked, meanwhile, we all knew what would happen. In the congested and sprawling southern California streets, the Wolfpack Hustle shut down JetBlue’s promotional Burbank and Long Beach flights. Not only did they win, but they beat the airline by 10 whole minutes.

09 – Shop Visit: Mash SF

Mash has been a figurehead in the track bike movement since the early 2000’s and last year, they opened a storefront in the Mission. This post absolutely blew up the minute it went live. It got shared via Tweets and Facebook for weeks on end.

08 – Tokyo to Osaka

People love seeing long-distance rides on track bikes and Tokyo to Osaka provided just that. Hopefully it inspired you to get out and spin for miles.


07 – Track Cycling: World Cup Coverage

Ouch! That’s the splinter felt round the world. Track Cycling‘s photo coverage of the World Cup came down to this photo of Awang’s leg pierced with a splinter from the boards. I think we can all harden the fuck up after seeing this.

06 – Introducing the Fairdale Dograck

This is one of the two joke posts that made it into the Top 10. A little photoshop goes a long way, just like your dog on the Fairdale Dograck!

05 – This is Why I Hate Bike Lanes

In NYC, I never take bike lanes and this video from the Neistat Brothers shows exactly why.

04 – A Roundtable Discussion with Levi’s on Their Cycling Line

Urban cycling and commuting circles were a buzz this year when Levi’s announced their cycling line. I sat down and reviewed the pieces prior to their launch and even though my thighs can’t fit into the jeans, the jackets are quite nice.

03 – Critical Mass-acre in Porto Alegre, Brazil

This is one of those moments where your heart just pours out to a community. I don’t know what else to say here but we can’t forget about events like this. Ride safe and ride smart.

02 – Cannondale USA Announces the Return of the Tarck 1000

This was my only legitimate troll this year. Come on! Look at that saddle and the Tarck 1000? “I’m scratching my ass because my wallet’s so fat.”

01 – The Toyota Prius Projects: Concept Bike Week 10

As what I would consider a turning point for the blog, the Toyota Prius Projects brought a new level of exposure to the site and hopefully some of the first-time readers stuck around for the other stuff too. While the real world application may seem a bit far fetched, it’s always fun to play with technology.

Well, I gotta admit, the Top 10 posts in 2011 caught me completely off-guard. I guess it’s a pretty even cross-sectional analysis of my content and readership. Stay tuned for my year in review post tomorrow!

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