PiNP Week in Review 01.22.2012 Jan 22, 2012


Numerous readers have sent in one request over the past year: a week in review post. I know I post a lot, so it’s hard to sift through it all. Each Sunday afternoon, I’ll compile a list of the highlights from the week.

01. Matt Spencer Take Over
This week, I unleashed all the photos I took of Matt Spencer while he was here in Austin visiting. After a bike check and a video featuring Pissy’s wreck, we hit some spots. We started on 6th street, checked out a spot, hit a large street gap, blasted some x-ups and we ended with a nice, fast gap.

02. Beautiful Bicycle: My Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Orange One Road
After a series of funky builds, my MKE Orange One is looking good as my only road bike.

03. Giro Makes Great Cycling Shoes
Giro’s line of cycling shoes just keeps getting better. Two models were reviewed, one for road and one for dirt.

04. Flag Hatchet Approved: NME Knife & Tool – BWB-01T
Zodiak branches off into the tool machining market and the BWB-01T is their first offering.

05. 12 Hour SOPA Blackout
Protesting was never this easy.

06. Mission Workshop: Eiger Waterproof Field Jacket
Mission Workshop’s new technical apparel offerings are looking sharp, with a price tag to match.

07. Merckx Mondays
A classic category on the site got some fresh new content.

08. More from Grime in SF
Mike from Grime is in SF, enjoying those Cali vibes and filming for a new edit.

09. AJ Austin is a RIPPER
My boy AJ got a lot of love on the blog this week. His new edit was a hit and his crank arm stall to fakie had the FGFS community buzzing.

10. Condition NYC: Macaframa on the Williamsburg Bridge
Chris caught some of those nostalgic NYC vibes that everyone loves.

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