One Spot with Corey San Agustin Jan 13, 2012



Yesterday was going really well up until we hit this spot. We trucked it to San Marcos to ride on AJ and Josh’s turf. Everyone had gotten clips and pushed themselves all week and then we walked up to this stair set. The top stair had a big lip protruding from the ground, preventing you from gapping the rail into the grass, so I pointed out to Corey (aka Pissy) the rail to stair gap. He lined it up and went for it.

Check out more below.


The first time he hit it, he cleared it by inches but landed nose-first so he wanted to do it again. We should have told him no, that it was fine. He got it on video and I had a good photo, why bother with another run?






He insisted and hit it again, clipping his rear wheel and sending him straight to the bottom of the stairs. His hand kept him from hitting the last stair but it got pulled up and under his rib cage as he smashed the concrete. In doing so, he pinched his liver between his bottom rib and his hand, puncturing it.

We had no idea. He was coherent and had the wind knocked out of him. All we were thinking was butterfly bandaging his chin. We brought him back to AJ’s, set him on the couch and cleaned out his wound. He was feeling fine until he threw up blood. He was rushed to the hospital here in Austin, where they found internal bleeding.

His vitals were ok, so they moved him to a room and monitored his progress. The dude’s doing fine, and won’t need surgery. In a few days, he’ll be out of the hospital. For updates, follow @WeasonWhy on Twitter and Instagram. Chat with him because I know he’s gotta be bored as hell.

Corey is one of the most talented riders in FGFS and I’ve enjoyed this time with him. It’s not everyday that I get make new friends like him.

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