Merckx Mondays Jan 16, 2012

Photo by Kyle Mosholder

Thanks to Kyle from d’emploi for supplying me with some Merckx Mondays cover photo content. I love how the cup overfloweth sometimes when it comes to Merckx Mondays. First, Velo Orange gave it a shout-out last week, then I sold my MX-Leader, which is now built up in Boston and the current owner shared with me this article…

Check out more Merckx Mondays below!





Anthony posted this article from a 1994 issue Road Bike Action, on Lance’s MX-Leader, which I believe is still in Mellow Johnny’s here in Austin.

It’s a great read and worth the time it takes to squint through the text, so don’t miss it.


How about a Keirin Eddy Merckx special pista? Got $1,400?


And finally, here’s Anthony’s newest steed. My old MX-Leader. While I had it set up with Dura Ace 7402 initially before I moved to SRAM, Anthony went with a 7400 group. It looks so mean! Enjoy the ride my friend. I miss her!

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