Mash SF: Back on Track Jan 22, 2012




One of the things that gets under my skin are myopic cyclists: people who think you should only ride one type of bike. It goes both ways. It’s the reason why BMX riders pick on FGFS and why road cyclists pick on “fixies”. What makes them so entitled?

Seeing teams like MASH SF get rad all during cross season, then immediately hop back on track bikes, while still having fun during the pain is, and should be inspirational to everyone. No matter how important you think one facet of cycling is, it’s still just a bike and you’re no different than the other guy.

One of the things I try to push here on PiNP is equality in cycling. I’ll never bash or pick on people having fun while getting rad and it’s been that way since I started this site. That’s why I keep the content well rounded, to expose this audience to different pedal strokes.

I can’t wait to see what Mike’s cooking up with these guys. Such a solid crew. Way to keep it inspirational.

Ride / Relax

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