Introducing Tomii Frames Jan 3, 2012



Nao is a Boston local who has spent his time as a sculpter, a product designer and now, a frame builder. He learned under the wing of Ian from Icarus and has already produced a few frames under the name, Tomii Frames. This singlespeed city bike was recently painted by Circle A and will be in the hands of the client, Toru, any day now. If you look at the rest of the photos, Nao included a custom stem with the frame and a kickstand plate. The latter threw me off at first but some digging in his Flickr, lead me to find that it’s a single speed city, not a track bike.

This is the first time I’m posting about Tomii Frames and within good reason. That’s one Beautiful Bicycle my friend. I can’t wait to see those fillets up close and personal. If you learned from Ian, I’m sure they’re buttery smooth.

Check out more at Tomii Frames’ Flickr!

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