Giro Makes Great Cycling Shoes Jan 19, 2012



I love Giro‘s shoes. I’ve taken my Prolight SLX road shoes across the globe, on a fully-loaded tour and they’re still kicking. When I saw their new line at Interbike, I had to try out their new models, the Privateer MTB and the Factor road.

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The Factor road shoes are for those people who have to have a ratcheting buckle. They have the same outsole as the Prolight SLX, Easton EC90 (minus the SLX) and sport many of the same details. The addition of the buckle adds a little more security than velcro and in turn, a little more weight.

These come in at 255 grams, versus the 205 grams that the Prolights sport. Personally, I can barely notice a difference and the security of the ratchet is worth the weight. There were a few times where I’d be riding and the velcro of the Prolight would come undone.

Like the Prolights, the Factors have a unique insole sizing system called the SuperNatural Fit Kit. This allows you to fine-tune the level of arch support for your feet, something many shoes fail to address.



I love it when respective sports influence the product design. When you think of cyclocross bikes, chances are, you picture tan walled tires. That was the influence for the Privateer MTB shoes. Giro wanted to make something durable and classy for their $150 pricepoint and I think they nailed it. They’re not as light as the Prolight or Factors, coming in at 360 grams but for what I’ll be using them for, they’re perfect.

Once I put more miles on these, I’ll update you but if they’re anything like the Prolight SLX shoes, we’re in for a long ride.

Giro has a whole line of cycling shoes that can fit any budget. Check out your LBS or order online.

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