Chris King: 2011 Commuter Challenge Jan 14, 2012


Chris King has a rather unique way of rewarding their Portland workers who commute by bike into work each day. They offer up cafe credits and even PTO for when you ride in. At the end of the year, they tallie up all the points and credits, which you can see here:

“The results from our commuter rewards efforts have been calculated for 2011. Another great year of promoting bicycle transportation and even better rewards from our boss, Chris King. The extra days off are always nice but it’s those cafe credits that make each commute day even more sweet.

2011 Commuter Rewards totals for Chris King Precision Components & Cielo Cycles:
17,818 total commutes by bicycle
136,419 miles ridden
$27,846.95 in cafe credits earned
216 days of Paid Time Off awarded”

So sick.

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