Beautiful Bicycle: Jeff’s Hunter Cross Bike


Beautiful Bicycle: Jeff’s Hunter Cross Bike


I’m not sure when exactly I first heard of Hunter Cycles but I do know that I’ve admired their bikes for a few years. There’s something utilitarian and yet, still very elegant about their bikes. Take Jeff’s cross bike for example. the wishbone seat stays are draped along the back side of the bike in a clean and precise s-bend. The entire silhouette of the bike just kind of floats in space. Not to mention the bright, red paint. Jeff picked this frameset up used, hence the 1″ steerer and recently took off the DA 7402 for Ultegra. Wise choice!

After he got it built up at Golden Saddle Cyclery, I took it around the corner for a few photos. Check more out below!








I rode it around the block and was very impressed with its handling. Jeff’s looking for a new stem to put on this steed but in the meantime, he’ll be putting miles on it.

Check out more photos at my Flickr!