Beautiful Bicycle: Ed’s Geekhouse Rockcity Track Dec 20, 2011


It’s no secret that I really admire Geekhouse‘s work. Hell, some of my favorite Beautiful Bicycles I’ve featured here on the site have come from that workshop in Boston. While Geekhouse’s more recent exposure may be centered around the Mudville cross bikes, I first heard of their work, years back, because of the Rockcity track bikes.

My constant blabbering about their bikes convinced Ed from the Glitch Mob to put a deposit down on a mean, lean street killing machine. Ed’s Rockcity is one of my favorite Geekhouse track bikes. Set up in road-mode, this bad boy has a stoker hood and a front brake. Ed’s out on it daily, hitting the many hills the greater Los Angeles area has to offer.

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Ed has traveled around the world with this bike while on tour, playing shows. You should check out the Glitch Mob if you haven’t already!

Check out more photos at my Flickr!

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