Condor Cycles: Ed Clancy and Andy Tennant Custom Track Bikes Nov 21, 2011


Claire from Condor Cycles sent in these two custom track bikes for their team riders:

“Ed Clancy and Andy Tennant (our team riders) must ride their super tech uber carbon track pursuit bikes developed by British Cycling. But in the winter and for some fun events they didn’t have a suitable ‘normal’ track bike to ride. So we decided to do something uber custom.
We’re also really delighted with hard work as part of the Rapha Condor Sharp team and we thought we’d also give them something to celebrate their gold medals at the European Track Champs.
Net result are the pictures that are attached. Ed wanted the Scream because he likes the colours and Andy wanted an American bomber.

Each design was work on with Ed and Andy and then we hand painted onto the carbon.”

Check out more below!




Capt A_Tennant.jpg

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