An Afternoon at 5-Hip


An Afternoon at 5-Hip



Yesterday afternoon, AJ and I went to ride 5-hip. Aside from Saturday’s street session, it was the first time I was on my BMX outside of the park and random curb jibs. Riding a ditch on a BMX is a lot different than fixed. I wouldn’t necessarily call one better than the other, they’re just different machines. My biggest challenge is timing a hip but there were kids there who obviously had no issues with that.

Lucas was going off with some massive truck drivers off that quarter and a few clean 540’s. Check out some more shots below!






As the afternoon light dwindled away, a few guys showed up to continue the quarter. I was hoping to do A Day in 10 Photos post but I spent all my time riding. Maybe today. Right now, Mike and I are heading out there now to check it out.