Mishka: How We Made It In America Oct 1, 2011

If you’ve followed this blog since its humble beginnings, you’ll know that very early on, I aligned myself with Mishka. Over the past 6 years, Mike and Greg have become my very best friends. Hell, Mike Jones designed my logo! I remember when they had a 10’x10′ office on Roebling and for 3 years, I worked with them designing and building their store on Broadway, which lead to 2 other stores. To say we’ve all had our share of shouting matches is an understatement!

These guys are my family in NYC and to see this earlier in the week made me so happy for them. Mishka really is what How to Make It In America was made for. There’s no hidden money being thrown at them, they were always on the grind to make it happen. Those two toy-collecting, self proclaimed nerds are the hardest working people in streetwear. To commemorate their endeavors, they’ve got a shirt for sale at JackThreads, go scoop it and let’s hope they make it onto the show!

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