Beautiful Bicycle: Peter’s Custom Milwaukee Orange One Oct 19, 2011


Kevin and Peter from COG Magazine are two of my favorite people in the bike scene. They get to travel all over, document events, people and other aspects of this thing we’ve come to call “bike culture”. When Peter began to tote around even more photography gear, it was apparent his track bike wasn’t cutting it as a travel bike.

Being long time supporters of Milwaukee Bicycle Co, Peter took an Orange One and converted it to one rad travel bike. By enlisting Drew from MKE, Waterford and Capricorn, this bike got one hell of a makeover.

Check out more below!



The belt drive keeps the grease and dirt off and is easy to maintain.


Along with S&S couplers, he can break the bike down to fit in a small bag, avoiding travel fees.




That long, elegant fork was custom made by Waterford. Peter needed a low-trail fork to make toting equipment around easier. Topped off with that Capricorn, collapsible rack, the front end of this bike is not only versatile but incredibly compact.



I love this bike. It’s perfect and Peter seems to be in love with it. Great job man!

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