DZR Shoes Viking Edition SPD Sneakers Now Available! Aug 2, 2011


Finally! The DZR Shoes Viking Editions are available. I worked closely with DZR to design a new sneaker for their ever-growing line of SPD-compatible sneakers. They’re perfect for clipless or toe clip applications and the nylon shank-reinforced sole is great for all kinds of riding. Pick these up exclusively at the DZR web shop.

Product Details:

A Collaboration with the legendary Viking created the first Vegan, all black, SPD compatible sneaker. With a ballistic nylon outer, a seamless lining, and a slew of exclusive details these shoe may appear minimal, but are far from it.

SPD compatible
variable-flex nylon inner shank
Velcro Viking lace cover
“Seamless” lining
Prolly “P” reflective print
Assym sock liners with the Prolly Viking

Scoop these up here! We only made 100 pairs!

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