Recent Roll: MEL_Randoms 01 Jun 24, 2011



I was actually surprised that I didn’t shoot more film in Melbourne. This roll lasted me the entire trip in my T4. That’s probably due to all the rain and the fact that my camera was usually in my bag while I rode around, rather than my pocket. Many of these photos I completely forgot about but that’s what makes it one of my favorite Recent Rolls

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In Melbourne, guys drink boxed wine. Or something…


I hated how the Aussies pronounced “H”.


It’s a magic chair.


Transport lighting.


Feeding rodents.


Feeding rodents part two. So this guy had Australian possums swarming him as he fed them cheese poofs, soda, chocalate, apple cores and banana peels. It was one of the most wild things I saw while I was down under. The possums there are actually kinda cute, as opposed to the gnarly beasts we have raiding our “rubbish bins” in the States.

I’ve got more rolls waiting to be developed in Austin, so stay tuned. Check out a few more at my Flickr.

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