Wanderlust Strikes San Francisco: SKYLMT and a Fixed-Gear Bro-down May 5, 2011

“Colby Elrick is a fixed gear biker and videographer who co-founded SKY LMT bike shop in San Francisco, and his videos about urban fixed gear riding are a big name on today’s exploding metropolitan fixie scene. Like Lerer, Elrick’s MINI Countryman Wanderlust journey was about seeking an escape from city fumes and the pressures of the daily hustle. Last Tuesday, he collected a crew of Cali’s baddest-ass BMX and track bike riders and together they absconded to Gilroy, California-leaving the San Francisco streets far behind in their rearview mirrors.”

SWEET! Check out more here at the MINI Space Blog. Add an idea on the Wanderlust blog and win a MINI!

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