TREE Bicycle Co. 4130 Heat Treated Sprocket May 31, 2011


A few weeks ago, I showed you an exclusive look at the new TREE Bicycle Co. 4130 Heat Treated Sprocket. This past weekend at the Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam, I picked up one of these from Sam and Nathan. Sometimes, when working in design, a client would approach you with a piece of hardware or an object and say “build me a house that matches this”. It’s kinda nuts to think that someone would want you to design a house that was influenced by, say a camera lens or a doorknob. Well, that’s how I feel about building a BMX up around this sprocket. The Heat Treated Sprocket is made from heat-treated (duh) 4130 steel and is super light, both in weight and visually.

The TREE guys are doing big things and I can’t wait to build up a BMX around this sprocket! Don’t worry, there’s a splined version coming soon!

TREE Bicycle Co. 4130 Heat Treated Sprocket

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