Мишка Summer 2011 Lookbook May 7, 2011

Мишка just upped their Summer 2011 Lookbook Teaser online. Check it out!

“Ah, Summer. Remember Summer? We think we might be starting to. It feels like we’ve been living in permanently wet socks and girding ourselves against the elements for a hundred years. That’s how much this past Winter sucked. Fuck you Winter, you gave us a real bad time this year! But it’s okay now; Spring kind of showed up after making us wait for way too long, and soon Summer will be upon us like a pack of wild jackals, wearing board shorts and Wayfarers. It seems like maybe global warming is real, because Winter and Summer are more extreme and the in-between seasons seem to shorten from three months into six weeks. But we’re hoping that Summer lasts as long as Winter did, and for good reason… look at our new collection!”

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