Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam Day 02 Recon May 30, 2011






Man, what a weekend. Yesterday was the final day of the Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam and like Saturday, the heat and wind didn’t stop people from throwing down and having a great time. When I made it out to the spot, it was just in time for the Empire Curved Wallride. Then everyone just kicked it around and warmed up on the dirt. It was a much more relaxed vibe but people threw down when it came to the dirt comp. Seeing this caliber of riding in person was intense and I’ve only got the most respect for these guys.

Check out my final slideshow from this event below. There are some good ones in there so don’t miss ’em!

These are also at my Flickr. Much respect to all parties involved in this event. It was good, clean fun! I’m glad no one was seriously injured and everyone enjoyed the nightlife of Austin.

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Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam Day 01 – Leap Frog Beard Bunny Hop Contest
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Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam Day 01 – Gauntlet of Death!
Spills and Thrills at the Texas Toast BMX Jam Warm Up
Enter the Gauntlet of Death at the Odyssey Texas Toast BMX Jam!
Frying the Texas Toast Jam in the Sun

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