Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam Day 01 – Gauntlet of Death! May 28, 2011





Man, what a day. I was at the Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam from noon until 7pm today shooting photos, chatting with riders and just hanging out. While the rail jam, dirt and bunny hop contests were awesome, my favorite course of the day was the GAUNTLET OF DEATH! Ryan did an incredible job building out the course, under Taj’s supervision and it was hilarious how difficult of a time even the top pros had getting through it.

Here are a few choice shots with a slideshow below!

These are also at my Flickr! More to come!

Spills and Thrills at the Texas Toast BMX Jam Warm Up
Enter the Gauntlet of Death at the Odyssey Texas Toast BMX Jam!
Frying the Texas Toast Jam in the Sun

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