J.P. Elliot’s Helm of Awe Viking Tees Now Available May 20, 2011


J.P. Elliot is quite the artist. When I approached him about doing a logo for a t-shirt, I gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted, as long as he used the Helm of Awe as a backdrop. Also known as the ægishjálmr, this magical symbol of protection was used by early Viking warriors. Typically painted on pieces of wood and worn under their helmets, between their eyes, this symbol brought invincibility to the wearer and instilled fear in their enemies.

Each tee is printed with eco-friendly discharge on black Anvil 980 pre-shrunk slim tees.


Check out some detail shots below…



As with all discharge prints, the film will disappear after you wash it, leaving the shirt “bleached” where the logo is. It’s perfect for summertime since you can’t feel the print!

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