Merckx Mondays Apr 4, 2011

Photo by Anthony Saffery

This Merckx Mondays post was submitted by Anthony Saffery as part of a Reader’s Rides feature but I had to use it today! You might recognize this frame from a post a few weeks ago. Well, Anthony did an awesome job on the build and sent me over some photos.

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Photo by Anthony Saffery

Nuovo-record era Pista cranks.

Photo by Anthony Saffery

3TTT pista cockpit.

Photo by Anthony Saffery

And a nice, fresh coat by Spectrum!

Photo by Anthony Saffery

Hey, a Tom Kellog-repaint aint bad now is it? Stellar bike Anthony! Thanks for sharing.


Now if this frame looks familiar it’s because I’m 99% sure it was once owned by Hrrundel from Boston. It’s definitely a repaint as well but is now for sale as a complete on eBay. Personally, I like to ride the original paint but that’s only because I don’t have to worry about putting the first few chips in it. This is one hot bike! Maybe one of the readers here will buy it and then submit it for a Merckx Mondays / Reader’s Rides post?

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