Initial Reaction: Paul Components – Tall and Handsome Seatpost Apr 11, 2011


Last week I received my order from Paul Components in the mail. When I first saw the Tall and Handsome at NAHBS, I was in love. A whole lotta setback without going with a Taiwanese manufactured, single bolt post. While Paul’s componentry line is often thought of as finicky and temperamental, the Tall and Handsome was about as straight forward to install as it could be.

Check out more of my Initial Reaction to the Paul Components Tall and Handsome Seatpost below.


The machining on the head of the post is unique and clean.


The Tall and Handsome was designed to give Brooks saddle owners the maximum amount of setback in a seat post. Sporting a generous 26mm of back-sweep, there’s plenty of room for adjustment to achieve that ideal bottom-bracket relationship no matter what kind of bike you ride.


The two-bolt design makes it easy to adjust saddle angle within 15° and it’s rather lightweight, coming in at 320 grams. After wanting a little more setback in my seatpost, the Paul Components Tall and Handsome seatpost was the right choice. Money well spent.

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