Forest Parker: Fixed Freestyle Don’t Limit Me Apr 26, 2011

Photo by Forest Parker

I know I come across as a hater of the 26″ fixed world so before I continue here, I want to apologize if my voice has ever discouraged anyone from picking up their fixed freestyle bike. The whole 26″ fixed and 700c schism is all in good fun and as long as we’re all riding fixed, it doesn’t matter (not to say I’d hate on you if you were on a freewheel).

Forest Parker emailed me these two photos earlier today while I was browsing through my archives. Looking back on where all this started, I am amazed that this hobby (still won’t call it a sport) has progressed how it has. Pegs, wheel size and saddle height are all preference and they all reflect and compliment our individual riding styles. These two dudes really embody that: style.

Check out more below.

Photo by Forest Parker

Forest’s 360 flyout was rad and Scott’s step up smith ain’t too shabby either. San Jose’s got some talented riders. Big ups to Forest (literally) and Scott. Keep riding everyone. Whatever wheel size you want, with or without pegs and live the new mantra: Fixed Freestyle Don’t Limit Me!

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