Ben’s Cycle: Schmidt SON Delux Hubs & Edelux LED Headlights in Stock Apr 6, 2011


There are many options for front generator hubs but one brand outshines and out-performs them all: Schmidt. Ben’s Cycle is now a carrier of Schmidt SON Delux hubs and Edelux LED headlights. You’ll never need another hub and no one does it like ze Germans.

The raddest thing about these is depending on how you mount the lamp, you can swap them between bikes with no hassle. Just make sure your lamp bracket is removable and viola, high-powered LED lamps on any of your bikes. Pretty rad. There’s also very little, if any noticeable resistance from the hubs. When I was in the market for one, I did extensive research, consulted many good-ol’ randoduders and read page after page of forum threads. They all pointed to these hubs.

Check out Ben’s stock right here!

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