2011 SxSW Recon: Thrasher Magazine Death Match – Liturgy Mar 18, 2011


With all the doom and death (metal) surrounding the Thrasher Magazine Death Match showcase at the Scoot Inn, I was glad to see Brooklyn-based Liturgy on the bill for Thursday. While I’m not the biggest fan of their first EP, Immortal Life, their album Renihilation hit a bit closer to my taste. The guys put on a great live show and since they went on before Zoroaster (more on that later), the crowd was a bit bigger than The Body’s.

Check out more photos from the Thrasher Magazine Death Match performance of Liturgy below.





Not your typical black metal band huh? If you’re a fan of Blut Aus Nord or Krallice, do pick out Liturgy’s Renihilation here! Check out more in the slideshow below.

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