Wolvh Feb 2, 2011


Wolvh started as an idea of Patrick Seabase, Ian White (of Cuttersink Photography) and Lars Burgunder last summer. It’s a dark, kvlt aesthetic that seems to be taking over right now. Wolvh is currently taking pre-orders for shirts and other products at their site. Check it out here!

  • As someone who actually enjoys the whole “kvlt” aesthetic, knows it and wears it. I also know when enough is enough, and this kinda sucks. It seems really forced.

  • JasonSLC

    This is the last time I come in and shit all over one of your posts with some personal political agenda. I promise. I think your blog is positive for fixed riding and you seem to work hard and care about your scene and after all, its a bike blog but I want to address this one.

    Promoting consumption is the antithesis of ‘green anarchism’. Go ahead and make shirts, sell them and live off your labors, thats awesome. Don’t do it in the name of promoting the cause of green anarchism or use the phrase as a fucking buzzword and bastardize an important and revered movement in the name of fashion. Its belittling and it undercuts the very real efforts of activists the world over who choose to act on their beliefs instead of advertise them on a t-shirt. If you really do care about environmental causes and action maybe you should consider spending money on a donation to Tim Dechristophers legal defense fund instead of buying a super awesome crew neck that scares your bank-teller. I hope its only the aesthetic thats trendy and not the sincerity of the motives. Now if some proceeds go to eco causes or the people behind the brand do in fact act on their beliefs outside of making hip ‘kvlt’ logos on fashionable clothes, then I’ll eat my words and offer an apology in advance for the assumption.

  • I’m not doing any of that, unless you were directing it to the Wolvh guys.



  • larz

    jason. i do wolvh and i have read your comment. i agree with the statement that consumption is the total antithesis of green anarchism… look, its all on preorders. we don’t have a single cent right now. means i am taking orders in and then collect the money to buy the goods and print em. DIY. it’s not even lucrative. not making any money out of it. and if we do, it will be used for the good cause… i still took out the greenanarchism out of what wolvh stands for not to offend more ppl, even if its something rooted in our hearts. i could also not care about it, but its still an important point you were talking about. hails. xvx

  • JasonSLC

    Lars, thanks for the reply. In the cold light of morning I see how reactionary my comment was so I apologize for jumping all over your project. The designs are solid and the limited nature of it is a much preferable alternative to mass production and mass consumption. It was a misguided attack and I wish you folks good luck.