W-Base: Nasty’s Signature Frame Sample Feb 2, 2011


If there ever was a rider who deserves his own signature frame, it’s Nasty. Dude is a straight ripper and is loyal to the 700c wheel size. W-Base has him set up with this new sample frame and with production coming out in the spring, you guys can start saving now!

Check out more photos below!






That’s one sick ride! While it won’t make your slider’s 20′ long or your threes 4′ high, it will hold up to some serious abuse. Check out more at W-Line and as a special gift from Yohei, evidence that Teppei is indeed human!



  • Ryan

    Do a hard skid and have the rear tire shift in the trackend, and looks like you’ll be getting a nice punctured rear tire!

  • Vas

    how would the wheel shift forward doing a skid, unless you’re doing a fakie skid?
    besides, i’m sure there is clearance like that with the wheel slammed in the dropouts.

  • agreed Vas. i highly doubt they would build a frame with a detail like that and not consider the tire sliding up and hitting.

  • The tire would hit the seat tube before the seat stay gusset.

    Pretty sick though!

  • nasty is danger