Video Review: Steel Magazine 001 Feb 2, 2011

Today I received my copy of Steel Magazine 001. Rather than shooting photos of it or scanning it in, I quickly thumbed through it and shot video. Be on the look out for more from Steel in the forthcoming weeks!

  • Chris

    Looks sick. Has this dropped yet? Or did you just get a review copy?

  • ortu

    I’ve seen this “soon…very soon” for long… too long

  • Where is the commentary!?

  • I had to speed the video up (in case you couldn’t tell) to get it around 3 minutes so I had to take the audio out.

    It’s a great magazine. Very French with a lot of fashion-style editorials but great content. Some new, some old (Shadi’s piece on messengers in NYC) but a lot of great photos.

    Can’t wait to see more.