Tuesday Teardown: All Pigs Must Die – S/T 12″ Feb 8, 2011

“Hungry Wolf, Easy Prey” off their S/T 12″

Damn. Talk about the music from my teenage years! All Pigs Must Die blasted onto the punk and hardcore scene in late-2010 via their new S/T 12″. If you couldn’t tell by their name, this political-driven force cannot be stopped. All Pigs Must Die is hammering it home, track after track on this 5-cut LP.

It’s almost impossible to sit and listen to it. The adrenaline pumps and all you wanna do is get up and thrash a bowl or rip through traffic on your bike. This ST 12″ is a whole-hearted dose of hardcore, d-beat, punk and even some blast beats. Slow, churning breaks loosen it up from time to time and before you know it, the album’s over and ready to be replayed. “Hungry Wolf, Easy Prey” and “Sermon for the End” are two fucking relentless tracks. Hammering away at their perfected sound, All Pigs Must Die slaughter all in their path!

This is the shit that my youth was built upon. Before hardcore got all pussy and filled with skinny fucks with women’s jeans on, bandannas, $200 haircuts and X’s on their hands. All Pigs Must Die lay the transition for a killer drop-in! “Die Ignorant” is a highschool bully of a track. 3-minutes and it’s got it all. “Noxchi Assault” keeps the circle pit alive with a great intro and brutal closer. The last track on the ST 12″ is “Death in My Wake” and it gives you a dose of Tragedy worship. This track gives me goose-bumps! So fucking good. Do yourself a favor, support these guys and order a god-damned LP! I’m pissed that I’m missing all their live shows in NYC!

  • Jon

    Great band

  • meh. hardcore like this is fine, but dont bash skinny jean hardcore just because you either a) dont identify with it or b) look fat in skinny jeans.

  • There is nothing hardcore about designer jeans and mall metal haircuts. Sorry! That’s not where and what hardcore was built on and fashion in this case is silly! I don’t need skinny jeans to have my clothes fit well, I’ve got muscles for that.

  • cbleslie

    This makes me miss RKL and Dr. Know.

  • Bill

    Thanks for posting this, these guys sound awesome.

    @scott don’t bash real hardcore just because you either a) don’t identify with it or b) have bad depth perception cause of the lock of hair that covers one of your eyes.

  • Rick Anderson

    fucking win. such a good LP.

  • “…and X’s on their hands”

    are you serious with this comment relating to “Before hardcore got all pussy” remark.

    not starting a straight edge v not straight edge agreement. just thought you would know better john.

  • My remark was towards people who got into hardcore because it was trendy and thus picked up “straight edge” as a trend. Trust me, I’m very good friends with many straight edgers and have the upmost respect for them. What I hated seeing was dudes with cry shield haircuts, $200 jeans and X’s on their hands like it was some boyscout’s uniform.



    jesus so many whiners. just listen to the bloody music. if your pants are too tight your balls cant breathe. wankers.

  • cool story WAHHHH WAHHHHHH. My problem was that John’s wording comes across as though he is saying that straight edge is a new thing and has little place in hardcore.

    I have the LP at home actually. Good band. I recently ordered a 2nd Hungry Wolf because I lost the one I got with the preorder on tour.

  • Wade

    What would Ian say?

  • cbleslie
  • Koz

    There is a decent amount of bands still playing this style. The core aint dead yet. Listen to Nails. http://hate5six.com/player.php?album=719925

  • lets stay fixed

    “Before hardcore got all pussy and filled with skinny fucks with women’s jeans on”

    this sounds more whiney about the past to me and the sexism stereotye it implies shall belong there too…

  • Kind of like Rise And Fall. Only not as good

  • zackz

    booooring. All this tuff hardcore bores me these days. @Koz, Nails is decent though. And Municipal Waste is all about thrashing, and bowls…

  • LOL

    Prolls youve got some whining ass readers or at least commentors and Municipal Waste are thrash not hc dumb dumb

  • and believe me i am more anti straight edge kids than you are.

    you are too old to argue about hardcore genres. accept everyone for our similarities rather than highlight our differences. we are all in this experience together and are more alike than you think. life experiences vary from person to person so obviously the product is going to have differences. given all the chaos in this world the fact that you and those straight edgers still like heavy music should be enough. unfortunately it isnt, and the straight edge folk are actually So close minded. So leave them alone and hope they do the same. Dont stir up shit.

    the other hardcore scene that you are misrepresenting is the hardcore/emo stuff. These people smoke more bowls than you do, so its not about x’s here. Chances are for a majority of them this music is the only thing keeping them alive or off of more serious drugs. do you want to be held accountable when some emo kid offs himself because john prolly was making fun of him?

    cmon dude. i want to respect you but you make it so hard sometimes.

  • Grandma

    One Less Emo Kid.

  • Great taste in music Prolly.