Trackosaurus Rex and Yanco: Ramblin’ Roll Feb 7, 2011

Ramblin' Roll.jpg

I can get down with this. As long as it holds stuff better than my last tool roll, I’m gonna pick one up. I always wondered why Tracko and Yanko didn’t do this from the beginining when they put out their Chalk Bag. Sure, it was great, but wasn’t an ideal saddle bag and you needed to supply your own toe straps. After all that, it wasn’t better than the Freight Road Soda.

The Ramblin’ Roll however looks like it’ll be a sure hit and it’s made in the USA! A simpler and smaller tool roll than others on the market and I doubt it’ll break the $50 marker in the Cordura version. Check out more details at Tracko.

Stoked to try one out.

  • Mike

    “I doubt it’ll break the $50 marker”

    In a sane universe this wouldn’t break the $20 marker.

  • Tony

    When will it be available to the consumer??

  • Hopefully within the month. And if your interested in the Cordura one it could be as soon as two weeks. We’re looking at $30 for the roll…both fabrics.

  • scottnotscot

    I’m guessing you still have to use a frame pump or carry a mini pump in your pocket, as it doesn’t look long enough to fit any mini pump in?

  • Does anybody know what the bike is in this photo?