The 2011 Leader 725tr Feb 8, 2011


Marcus at Leader shot me over this look at the 2011 Leader 725tr frameset. Expect more info soon at Leader’s website!

Edit: I just got a photo of this bike built up as a complete, which you can see below.


Not too shabby huh?

  • cbleslie

    Shiny paint and modifications for wheel clearance is in this year apparently.

  • It’s a beautiful frame don’t get me wrong, but I feel like this is a ‘wannabe’ super pista, especially in that color.

    just my two cents.

  • JohnVeloBlake

    if you have any sway, help tell them the 725 is childish, and too “hip” they used to have serious business paintjobs. I have a 4 year old 735-TR

  • cbleslie

    The moment bicycles become “serious business” is the moment bicycling ceases to be fun.

  • Santiago

    oh wow, i can see they have improved their welds ( i hope is not just for this one bike)

  • Danny

    Now I’m debating between this, with leader’s aluminum fork and the Bianchi Super Pista. If anyone buys one in the near future, I wanna hear a review and see if its any better than the old version. A geo chart would be nice too.

  • Seriously?

    It seems as though Kinesis will let anyone with the cash access to their stock “track frame” (formerly the Fuji Track Pro). I’d just buy the Bikes Direct version, it’ll probably be cheaper, and it comes with a fork.

  • Here’s the complete build:

  • Prolly, can we get a parts list? Hows it ride? and specifically what fork did you throw on there? One last question is the top tube sloped or straight?

  • oh, that’s not mine. It’s Marcus’ build from Leader:

  • Well I bit the bullet and bought one, with the leader aluminum fork. Anyone from leader, maybe marcus know if they come with a headset or not? Can’t tell from the coghouse website.

  • BigNewb

    Are the welds ground down smooth or just filled with bondo?

  • Gregg

    Not sure what Leader did but do you have a problem with Bianchi? Because they add filler into some of the concept welds.