Sweathogs Winter Edit Feb 7, 2011

It’s warm here in Texas and that means we’re sweatin’ up a storm every time we ride. This edit is the first of many to come. Featuring the personality and persistence of AJ F Austin, Tony Fast and minimal commentary by myself.

Expect more to come as I plan to get some footage in the next few weeks.

Sweathogs BC!

Song: Devil “Time to Repent”

  • Edward Codsworth

    Video is great idea.

    Prolly is the ice king by drinkings so long strong and well

  • drew leshko

    that was so good. suuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

  • James Mac

    No riding from you John! AJ looked like he was going to fall off the back on that barspin on the wallride/curvebank/whatever at the end.

  • This was more of a fucking around edit. I wanted to do something with all the nonsense we accumulated over the last few weeks. I’ll get in front of the camera more for the next one. Promise!

  • aj austin

    apologize* for waking my mouth

  • cbleslie

    I am disappointed in the Smirnoff more than anything, Prolly. :( It makes me a sad panda.

  • I got “iced” and it’s dishonorable to not drink it…