Superb: Rossin Pursuit Feb 8, 2011


File this one under “luxury item”. Holy hell. Could you imagine riding this? Only on the track, that’s for sure. For all you kiddies who think a downward-sloped saddle is the answer, note this build. That’s how your saddle should always look, regardless to how “aggressive” your bike is. Google it if you don’t believe me. All the greats had theirs set up like that.


Now go check out the rest of this ridiculous Rossin at Superb!

  • Jason

    Well, someone had to say it. I’m with you prolls, I hate seeing sad seats on bikes.

  • cbleslie

    Agreed. Downward tilted saddles are for the ladies. Literally.

  • erik

    Oh comon. It matters not : )

  • bakerbones

    werd up on all accounts

  • padderous

    Sad saddles don’t pound on my crotch.

  • Anders

    Thats a remake, the only original parts is the fork & handlebar (takhion)