Sasha’s Nagasawa Road Bike Feb 10, 2011

Photo by Sasha Eysymontt

So let’s take a moment to query “Nagasawa” here on the blog. That tag search string results in quite a large percentage of Sasha’s projects. The man loves Nagasawas and his track bike wasn’t enough so he swooped up this beautiful road bike. Complete with C-Record and the infamous Deltas, this is one Beautiful Bicycle. But of course, that’s not where Sasha wants to take it. He stripped it down and the frame is now awaiting a different group.

Check out some naked frame detail photos below.

Photo by Sasha Eysymontt

Photo by Sasha Eysymontt

Knowing Sasha and his patient approach to completing a build, it’ll be a few weeks before we see the final bike. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing dude.

  • colin

    naga road build competition!