Recent Roll: Road Time is Bro Time Feb 11, 2011





Some of the best times I have with my friends have been on my road bike. This Recent Roll is full of those moments. Check some more out here!

  • B. Taylor

    I LIKE that top shot! Well done.

  • Jean-Claude

    what kind of helmet is that?

  • Jeff

    The light leaks are pretty cool. Is this an inherent part of the camera you used, or was there a little post processing trickery? Dig that over the shoulder shot!

  • craig alford

    Hi I was wondering what helmet your friend is wearing?

  • I wouldn’t photoshop that. hahaha. That’d be so lame. The camera leaks now. It didn’t before but from the looks of this roll, it must have started. The only other thing I can think is that the developers fucked it up but that doesn’t make sense…