Reader’s Rides Feb 11, 2011

Photo by Billy Brandwein

It’s good to see some classic track bikes coming through the inbox as of late. Even in the snow, it’s easy to appreciate this 1988 Raleigh track. Billy’s got quite the bike and quite the lens I might add. Shooting with that Zeiss must be nice! But not as nice as ripping around on that bike!

Check out more detail photos below!

Photo by Billy Brandwein

Photo by Billy Brandwein

This is one clean ride! Check out more photos at Billy’s Flickr and keep them coming! Send them over but remember the basics. If you don’t follow these rules, they won’t get posted:

Include one drive-side shot: Get down level with your bike and try to capture it all in photograph from the drive-side.

Include one detail shot: I want to see what makes this bike stand out from the rest! A nice lug shot or maybe a detail component shot would be ideal.

Resolution: Please! Send me photos at least 800px wide!

No Crap: Readers want to see beautiful bicycles, not clunkers. No offense to the beautiful beaters of the world!

You can submit the photos via email or post them on the Prolly is not Probably Facebook!

  • Barneylovesyou

    In the UK… only nobs and poncers ‘ride Raleigh’
    Hope that’s just a set up for this shoot, rather than
    his parking style.

  • The original steel Raleigh track bikes, including the TI were beautiful bikes man…

  • Adam

    What kind of handlebars are those? Sweet bike!

  • Billy Brandwein

    Those are NItto B123a (NJS Stamped) Bars with Brooks wrap.
    I don’t get what you said Barneylovesyou?

  • Luke

    Love the depth of field on these shots! Not to mention the tastefully built bike!


  • BikeMutts

    Dog yo bike Billy!!!

  • Alice Glass.

    Barney is probably a salty-ass euro, Billy.
    Your build is dialed like fuck.
    Give me that Dak frame :)