NS Bikes: 2011 Analog Feb 3, 2011


The NS Bikes Analog has been covered extensively here on Prolly is Not Probably. I’ve been talking with the guys at NS and set up Dylan with a replacement frame when his bike was stolen. Right outta the box, this is one good-looking frame and the bars aren’t bad either. As a complete, it’s hard to say that this wouldn’t make a great first fixed freestyle bike. Aside from those bobo Wellgo foot retention systems. Check out more at NS Bikes. God, I hate Flash sites!

  • I’m hyped on this complete AND NS Bikes in general. Maybe you can work some magic and get BTI (my only known importer of NS products) to actually order the completes. BTI is also the only US importer of Charge Bikes out of the UK but their thing is that they “don’t do completes”. Hmm. Anyway, let the power of bike shops and Prolly combine to bring this complete to the US! BTW, our team rider Jared Travis is on a v.1 Analog and RNS-2 fork and loves the set up.

  • btw… same deal with the Charge Hob (which has been your banner ad for how long now?).

  • i ride it now (the complete) for 3 weeks and am pretty happy with the setup.
    the only thing that feels weird sometimes is the bottom bracket height. you stand way higher above the ground than usual.

    anyway: i can recommend it.