Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Ti Beer Wrench Feb 3, 2011


It seems like these have been out of stock forever! Finally, Milwaukee Bicycle Co has re-upped their supply on these Ti bottle opener wrenches. Complete with a 15mm wrench for your wheels. While it’s no Campy peanut butter wrench, I consume far more beer than I do PB&J!

  • Hurl Everstone


  • Tim

    $35? Really? Just how many companies have come out with a wildly overpriced 15mm wrench/bottle opener? Too many. I don’t spend $35 on beer very often, so chances are I’m not spending $35 on a fucking bottle opener and 15mm wrench (which ANYONE who rides a bike with track nuts hopefully already owns). End rant.

  • Tim, simmer down homie! The price was fat-fingered at $35 when it is really only $24 – if you added one to your cart, it woulda rung up as $24 all along…


  • Hot Carl

    Whoa damn only $24?!?!?! Well sheeee-it, I’ll take 5 of those bad boys, they will look great in my $200 cycling specific jeans!!!

  • Max

    As I always like to point out: as long as you’re not too dumb or drunk, you can use almost any flat, rigid object to open a beer. I’ll spend my $25 on actual beer, thank you very much :)

    yes…paragon machine works did it a loooooong time ago…

    And both of these 15mm “wrenches” are too short to be effective as tools.

  • Ronsta

    Picked one up from Paragon at Nahbs last year for a souvenir. Great for opening a beer, marginal for getting a wheel off. Nifty gimmick tho.

    Ben’s does credit Paragon for making them on their website.

    As for price, how many people spend money on Phil hubs when Formulas do just the same. To each his own right?