Legor Cicli : 2011 NAHBS Preview Feb 9, 2011

leggor detail one.jpg
Photo by Doug Takeshi Wolfe

David Trimble shot me an email with these exclusive looks at the new Legor Cicli track bike for the 2011 NAHBS. Holy hell, is this thing ever nice! Even though I’m usually not into bright colors on track bikes, I’d thrash the hell out of this thing on the boards.

Check out more photos below!

seatstay detail.jpg
Photo by Doug Takeshi Wolfe

leggor one.jpg
Photo by Doug Takeshi Wolfe

Photo by David Trimble

Photo by David Trimble

If you’re not going to NAHBS this year, you’re missing out! But if you simply can’t make it, check back here for extensive coverage!

  • agi

    Love it!

    Legor is insane!