Introducing the DZR & Prolly is Not Probably Sneaker Feb 4, 2011


Seems like 2011 is the year of the non-disclosure agreement. I’m working on a
ton of projects that are on the hush hush and I’m pretty excited about this Colab with DZR Shoes. The “Prolly” will be an all black low top SPD sneaker. It’s also gonna be all Vegan with my new track-end P logo in reflective material on the upper. I wanted to raise the heel a bit to make the cup deeper to make them comfortable for even fixed freestyle riding and use a new material on the shoe. One that will be durable and still look great. Of course the sneaker will be all black, with only one reflective accent serving the only branding visible. The inside of the sneaker will be purple faux-leather and the bottom will be a black gumsole.

More to come on these, still finishing up design details before they go into production. They will be available in a few months here and through DZR with samples already being manufactured. Don’t fret, there will be a full run available. No more “limited to 10” models. This is an entirely new model from DZR and was designed by me for DZR!

Now I wonder if Tracko would wear a pair?

  • b. taylor

    NICE! And in BLACK!

  • So is prolly logo definite or are you still thinking it over?

  • Ty

    Is the shoe FULLY vegan including glues or is it just a synthetic upper?

    Looking good!
    The Foot Down

  • These guys are interested in 39 pairs:

  • Adrian

    I dont like the ‘P’ logo -___-

  • Yes, I will keep the P logo. I want to have some reflective accents on the shoe. Whether or not I keep it in that place on the shoe will be determined by the samples.

    I’ll check on the Vegan glue. But seriously, all your inner-tubes have ground-up fish bones in them. Are you concerned about that?


  • Looking good John!

  • TOM

    Will they be available in Hot Topic?

  • whoa, do tubes really have fish in them?
    you got a link?

  • No link but tubes used to come with talcum powder. The tubes that are made in China use ground up fish bones instead because it’s cheaper…

  • /want

  • These look great! I definitely want a pair but not until this salt is off the roads in Boston- I’m keeping mine fresh.

  • Ty

    I use the cheapest tubes, there’s no powder on these puppies, just dirt. On a serious note though if you could check on the glue that would be cool. There’s no such thing as a 100% vegan, it’s not possible in modern society, there are good vegans and bad vegans though.

  • Micah

    Wicked! I’ve been wanting a pair of DZR’s, but I’m more of a black shoes kind of guy. These look sick! Now just find a store to sell them in Toronto.

  • john

    i’ve been waiting for dzr to make some sort of black monochromatic shoe, and was excited to see this at first, but really dislike the p logo. i already hate the images on the bottom of dzr’s… i don’t understand why they can’t make a shoe that’s not overdesigned aesthetically. i have yet to see a clipless sneaker that i would buy just based on looks, which is really why i would choose it over something like a mavic alpine or similiar touring/mtn shoe, which you can walk around in just fine. the forthcoming chrome ones look decent, but chrome shoes have a tendency to fall apart pretty quickly, and i’m not sure where they are made.

  • ckamp

    Great design, I really dig the cleat holes and reflector. Perhaps the original prolly logo can be printed on the insole near the heel or on the back of the tung tag? People seem to love the viking.

  • John, this is a pretty simple sneaker. No other branding but the P. That’s really low key homie. I could understand the dislike for the P but why do you care about the sole? You’ll never see it. They’re shoes not objects that you put on a pedestal…

  • Kevin

    John(s) the ‘P’ only looks pronounced because its rendered illuminated. If it’s going to be like the Mission Workshop shoes the reflective logo isn’t noticeable. Keep the ‘P’ I like it.

  • Tim

    Are you now a ‘franchise’?

  • Jon

    Man these are nice. I wish the where a bit more satanic. Maybe a reflective upside down cross on the heel?

    And some words of wisdom on the sole.

  • John

    JP, you’re right, they are not objects to put on pedestals, but my reason for purchasing a shoe like this would be aesthetics alone, and with the $90-$100 price tag they’ll likely have, I would want to get something I thought was perfect. Even the soles.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as a dick or anything, and I hope I didn’t take away some of your joy about this… obviously, make it exactly the way you want it. It’s great that you get to do things like this. I was just disappointed because I thought somebody had made exactly what I wanted.

  • jay

    are they going to be super expensive like all the other shoes like this? Or will a 15 year old have enough to buy a pair without having to sell blood or something. Please work on the price. thats always the killer for me

  • 304Joel

    Prolly, you son of a bitch. I just bought a pair of Strasses two weeks ago to replace my thrashed Rondels. You couldn’t have leaked it sooner?

  • You got a while dude. A year or so. Production take a bit!

  • What the crap is a “variable flex shank?” I understand what the nylon shank does as far as stiffness in the sole, but how does it flex “variably?” I can’t find an answer on the DZR site either!

  • noel

    wow…. prolly’s got a shoe deal! next thing you know he’ll be doing a commercial with Spike Lee and Michael Jordan. Like the shoe btw

  • Bob Lane

    I just got a “fixie” bike and these bicycle cleats look super duper rad dude!! I am going to look so hardcore satanic wearing these. I hope my mom will be able to buy these for me at Hot Topic!

  • i think “variable flex shank” means the nylon shank is stiff under the ball of your foot but flexible in the arch area. so you can walk naturally, like the other DZR shoes. im excited to see how these turn out. the heel cup sounds soccer shoe like, im into that.

  • Bob, TOM beat you to that line. Please try to be more original in your snarkiness or the VFS will come get you in your sleep.

  • can a 15 year old even sell blood?

  • Joel Osteen

    I am really enjoying Bobs comment. I would have to agree with he and Tom on this one prolly. These shoes give me major Douche chills.

  • E$

    Yo JP, I just came up on a pair of ur “only 10 made” dzr’s! Yo, them shits is totally BANANAS!!! So Hype bout gettin a pair & they’re marked 43 which after looking it up plenty of times breaks down to a 9-9.5 US size, MY SIZE!!! Hell Yeah, but after puttin’em on, they fit crazy BIG! is that the case ONLY with the Prolly editions, or are all the DZR-Ovis/Strasse kicks runnin BIG like that? I really want to rock the Prolly’s but im not sure if they’re gonna be too big. Hope thats not the case with the Official joints u drop! Keep up the GREAT work mang!!!

  • May I please suggest instead you ask yourself, “Would Merckx wear a pair?”

  • S3W

    fuck yeah!!!!

  • I think you guys are fixating on the rendering too much. I know all of you have worn all black shoes before.

  • Jack

    co-sign with prolls. the rendering makes them look a little goth but all i wear are black shoes. we’ll just have to wait for the samples and see.

  • Your new logo does nothing without the counter. Why is it gone?

  • It’s not gone. It’s printed in the insole of the shoe. Damn. Everyone’s being fucking harsh with this. A little more positive critique guys.

    It doesn’t do me much good to read really negative comments. Do something constructive. If you don’t like something, tell me why. I’m all open to critique and I want to make a GOOD product.

    If you think it looks too “hot topic” reference why. If you think there should be a white accent on the outsole, say that…

    Just work with me and don’t be a blunt dick about it…

  • Jason

    :golf clap:

    I want to see photos before I make a judgement. We all know how renders can be deceiving.

  • im into the all black approach, and if they feel anything like my rondels (which I assume they will) i will certainly consider pickin up a pair when the time comes.

    my only critique would be the new logo. maybe its the rendering, but it looks really awkward (just as a shape) on the side of the shoe.

    also, i have to agree with “levenger” and his merckx comment, as funny as it is, i think he has a point. i would love to see DZR do a super classy, retro-inspired shoe, something between the BMW adidas shoe and the rondel, using a monochromatic color scheme with some sort of accent color…

    either way, congrats on the shoe, i look forward to seeing some photos soon.

  • Yo John! The shoe looks dope, I love the all black with minimal detailing and I’m stoked it will be all vegan! Sick. I’ll definitely be rocking a pair of these when they come out. Keep up the good work!

  • E$

    Yo JP, the design for the new kicks is SICK! I personally would rather see the Viking on the tongue and the reflective “P” on the heel of the shoe. I would leave the sides clean. All in all the lo-keyness without crazy branding all over is dope. I specially like the purple accent on the inside. Stay up mang, and dont trip on the negative remarks. Do what u feel is right and keep bringing the heat! Los Angeles Fan!

  • gil

    Great looking shoe man! I agree with making the heel higher, I ride with rondels and the heel digs a little after a while. I dont know how I feel about the “p” though. It’s very new to you and the site and doesn’t really feel like prolly is not probably of you know what I mean. Maybe an outline the the Viking logo or just the helmet? I don’t know about other people but the rondels fit a little wide at the toe area. Maybe tweak the front a little to narrow it up? Either way man Congrats on the shoes!

  • Bryon

    A few things I would change:
    Placement of the P logo (which I like a lot). Putting it on the heel would look a little cleaner, I think. Maybe add another reflective detail on the side, to replace the P’s reflection. Something like a foxing stripe on the midsole.
    Using silver eyelets opposed to the black could break up the all black “Hot Topic” look that a lot of people seem to be hating on.
    The silhouette is nice, it reminds me of the Circa AL50. Just my two cents.

  • bliss

    I think a white stripe around the sole would be great to break up the black.think like vans era’s. Also not a fan of the ‘p’ logo. I’d love to see the a smaller logo in white or silver stitching. Perfection through minimalism.

  • jay

    keep it all black. thats what I love. thats what i wear right now is an all black shoe. you cant go wrong and they look fine with anything. the all black is the winner in color. Keep the shoe low key.