Giving Steel Another Go Feb 9, 2011


One of the reasons I took a brief hiatus from fixed freestyle was to give my wrists some time to heal up. I had fallen countless times on them and they were effecting my road riding. I tack that up to using aluminum bars partially which is why, after some debate I decided to try out these Atomlab General Issue bars until the new NS Bikes District bars come out. Because I love Thomson stems so much, I decided to give their X-stem a try. 6-massive bolts hold the faceplate in place and it’s black.

Hopefully I’ll get to put these on today. I’m always stoked on new bars!

  • Steel is Real… someone has to say it.

  • Charlie

    I hear the new Districts are 4″ rise. Can you confirm?

  • streettrash

    Those bars are terrible. You will fold them.

  • RJCrouch

    I bent my GIs’ pretty fast … I know a couple other people have too =/ good luck!

  • Bryan

    i ride the NS Jalapenos. so sick, so strong.

  • Bent those bars in 2 weeks and I weigh 145. Pretty much flattened the lower bends out and gave the bars some gnarly down sweep. Get some Shadow Conspiracy 2″.

  • nate c

    one word: YOWELLI.

  • Jeff Puckett

    I bent those bars within two weeks of putting them on my bike

  • well, fuck.

  • Joshb

    yeah those are suppose to be ridden on suspension forks i thought. I should have my ns district bars in like 2 weeks so stoked on em 4 in rise 29 wide. when you coming down to houston to ride?

  • Dakin

    If I’m right Gus Mallet rides or at least used to ride these.
    And he swore by them

  • I’ve been riding a set of GIs for like 8 months now, straight as ever. I wouldn’t worry to much Prolls.

    Anyhow, enjoy!

  • yep bent these within the hour getting them on

  • noah

    im a 140 pound 15 year old and i bent these pretty quick, they felt good while they lasted though. By the way when you get your new bars its gonna be a pain getting 6 bolts off and on haha

  • vin-e

    I like noahs comment hahaha. pretty insightful for a 15year old!

  • Scott

    I had the GI’s on my SS mtb and bent them from just riding single track with days.