Fyxomatosis: Grandis Columbus Over-Max Feb 7, 2011


To say I love Columbus MAX tubing is an understatement. After riding it for over a year, I can’t get rid of it! So much that I’m looking into a custom frameset using the re-issue. But still, there’s nothing more beautiful than a pristine vintage frame like Andy from Fyxomatosis‘ newest acquisition. This Grandis sports some of the most ornate lugwork I’ve seen on a Columbus MAX bike. Or in this case, a Columbus Over-Max. Check out the rest of the photos here.

  • Matthias

    Why Max? What is about this tubing? I’m partial to SL/SLX, but that’s without riding experience and primarily because of my interest in top end frames of the 80s.

  • In short, the tubing is bigger in diameter and is bi-oval, beefy and stiff!

    More here:

    Really amazing tubing.