Feather Cycles: Hand Carved Anchor Brake Bridge Feb 3, 2011


Feather Cycles tried something a little different on this new project: a hand-carved stainless steel anchor in lieu of a standard brake bridge. Very classy Ricky! Can’t wait to see it all built up. Check out more at the Feather Flickr!

  • It’s weird a fellow BMXer would use an anchor brake bridge after Josh Stricker’s S&M has been using something very similar for years…


  • Tim

    Dear Kyle,

    Re-hashing old ideas is part of business and life in general. Musicians do it, artists do it, and bike-builders do it. I don’t see an issue with dudes making road bikes with one similar feature to one BMX fabricator. I think it’s an excellent original application of an originally great idea. If anything, I’d imagine Josh Stricker would be flattered.

  • It’s hard for Kyle to grasp concepts like that sometimes… haha


  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    i think it looks tight.

  • Andy

    + it’s a custom build so the dude who’s buying it obviously asked for it..

  • haha, hence your blog being named after a 230 million year old dinosaur Kyle ;-)

    Thanks for the post dude!

  • Adrian

    Wouldnt it be all flexy if you ran a rear brake?
    BTW, the Stricker anchor is ages better and more badass than this one.

  • actually t-rex is about 65-67 million years old

  • Party time!