Cycle EXIF: Chase Hawk’s Cult OS Feb 11, 2011


It’s no secret that Chase Hawk is a prodigy when it comes to BMX. He’s one of my favorite riders to watch and it should be easier to spot him out on the streets of Austin on his new Cult OS frame. Cycle EXIF has a bunch of photos up, all shot by Devon Hutchins. Check the rest out here!

  • Rui

    NIce bike but they shold have hooked him up with a cult bad boy frame. They are made in US by FBM unlike the OS which stands for Over Seas (er, china).

  • A bmxer

    Chase is on Cult Pro. He and Robbie go way back and he was one of the originally riders for Fit and went to Cult when Robbie left. I am sure Chase could’ve got the Bad Boy, considering he had been riding one for a while prior to this. There is a reason he is riding the OS.

  • Rui

    2bmxer – Fair enough, makes sense. I’m just really digging the Bad Boy and Death Row frames, one of the other will be my next frame. Now I gotta consider the OS too, seems like a nice bike. That will be soon enough, the left chainstay on my verde frame is on death’s door.