Cycle EXIF: Bridgestone Sprint Feb 1, 2011


Now this is a track bike. Even though some people prefer slammed stems and long-reaches, most track racers prefer spacers and positive rise stems for increased leverage and power. Everything about this bike screams speed and might. You really can’t skip this one! Head over to Cycle EXIF for the full details!

  • “Track Only”

  • Jeff

    Most of the bike appears to be really light weight, but I know that cockpit is a beast. What’s up with that?

  • bianchi

    Check out a track sprinter’s upper body. Those folks put pressure on their bars like no one else, so you tend to see uber-stiff trump lightweight.

  • nick

    messenger chainring? mismatched carbon spacers? ehh…nice cranks, though.

  • Seriously?

    Nothing about this bike is supposed to be light. I guarantee you that my old steel Guerciotti weighs less than this. A Bridgestone with this build is easily over 20#, but that’s not the point.

    Anyway, even on super light modern CF track bikes (this one is comparatively old), steel track bars are pretty common place, as many or most track sprinters are power lifters on bicycles.