COG: Winter is Served Feb 2, 2011


Earlier today, Kevin from COG magazine voiced his desire to be in Austin at the end of the month for the NAHBS. I’m guessing this has to do with the nasty weather that’s engulfed the midwest, specifically Chicago and Milwaukee. While I can’t say that the weather here is great at the moment, it sure beats his offering of a Milwaukee Blizzard.

Since this was the first time in a while that Kevin hit me up on Twitter, I decided to check out the COG blog and see what the dudes have been up to. That’s when I found this photo that Kevin took of his bottom bracket. Yikes!

  • Damnit john, first you gotta leave NYC right before shit goes down and then you gotta tell us how awesome Austin is right now, do you any idea how terrible work has been for the last month and a half!!!